Can't we just get along? If not and you have a legal dispute, Scott Wilson's philosophy is to attempt to resolve the dispute by agreement - a settlement - rather than engage in expensive and emotionally draining litigation. Scott Wilson's goal is for client satisfaction, which frequently is not measured in terms of "win" or "lose" but whether the outcome has a net benefit for the client when the costs of obtaining the result are considered. When no reasonable outcome can be obtained by agreement, Scott proceeds with adversarial litigation. Most courts require some form of mediation or settlement efforts prior to trial, so there will be an opportunity for an agreed resolution even after suit is filed. Most lawsuits are resolved by settlement rather than trial. 


Scott Wilson makes it clear to the client that the client is the boss and that Scott's job is to advise and advocate for the client's position, once the client has been informed of all the legal considerations.


As a general matter, practically all communication will come from Scott directly rather than through a staff member and client emails and phone calls are returned within 4 hours.